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US Brands You Need to Know for AW17

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Posted: 1 year ago

US Brands You Need to Know for AW17

If you have a love of the outdoors but don't want to sacrifice style, you will love these brands. Here are the three brand from the US you need to know for autumn/winter '17.

Danner Boots 

In 1932, in Portland, Oregon, Charles Danner opened his boot making business risking his future on a stubborn belief that, regardless of the economy, superior craftsmanship mattered. While much has changed since the first Danner boot was made, the dedication to crafting a superior product has not. Hold a Danner boot in your hand and you'll notice the hand crafted precision. Try it on and you'll feel the difference. Test it against the elements and you'll appreciate the value of a product that is built to last.

We’re happy to be the UK stockist of Danner boots which have proven to be extremely popular with our customers across the UK, Europe and worldwide. The perfect boot for the autumn/winter months, Danner help add your style to the outdoors at no expense of quality. 

Get your boots now or add yourself to our waiting list of sold out sizes.

Epperson Mountaineering

The quest for the perfect backpack has finally come to an end. Epperson Mountaineering is definitely a brand to rely on for high quality materials, practicality and expert craftsmanship. Founded in 1973 in California by mountaineering-lover Mark Epperson, these backpacks are praised all over the world for durability and everlasting strength. The unisex bag is loved by men and women for its cool look and practical design.

Velva Sheen

New to Epitome for AW17 is Velva Sheen, a sportswear brand from Cincinnati, Ohio. Established in 1932, the brand is known for their sweatshirts and t-shirts. Originally they were a go-to for colleges, camps, schools and the United States Armed Forces but have since become extremely popular amongst everyone!

Their original use of the 4 needle machine, fabrication and design was a staple for the brand. Production remains in the USA, in keeping with tradition, and paving the way for quality, vintage-inspired garments.

We love the wearable pieces from this brand and think they are a must-have addition to every cool wardrobe.

Shop the full collections from Danner, Epperson Mountaineering and Velva Sheen online below or come and see them in store! 

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