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Ungendered Fashion

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Posted: 1 year ago


Ungendered Fashion


Traditionally, fashion designers have separated collections individually into Menswear & Womenswear. However, the world is ever-evolving and becoming increasingly liberated and accepting. More scope for freedom of expression has seen a surge in popularity of unisex clothing. Find out about which unisex brands we love and how men and women alike can style these products.


CAMO by Stefano Ughetti

Babieca Shirt Seersucker Check Blue/White

CAMO is a unisex clothing line by Italian designer Stefano Ughetti. CAMO is an abbreviation of camouflage. Ughetti’s vision is to propose a modern style which is effortlessly simple and can be worn by anyone, regardless of gender.

Cargo pants, jersey tops and work shirts are staple pieces in CAMO’s unisex collection. The relaxed style of the garments aims to bring us back in touch with what we wear. Classic yet modern, CAMO is pushing fashion boundaries by considerately designing each product in a way that both men and women alike would love.

Chaplin Trouser Lampo Canvas Blue

These versatile Chaplin trousers are the perfect fit for a man or woman. Design features include 2 button-fastening pockets at the back, another 2 side slit pockets on the front and a contrast inside seam, which can be made more visible when rolled up. These little design details add practicality and interest - elements both genders prioritise - making them a perfect alternative to workwear for men and women equally. The Chaplin trousers have been hand-crafted using the highest quality mid-weight Italian cotton, making them perfect for workwear or every day.


Engineered Garments FWK

Work Shirt Olive/Navy/Red Big Plaid

The concept behind Engineered Garments aims to promote slow fashion and craftsmanship. Japanese-born designer Daiki Suzuki is a keen cyclist and outdoors-man who founded Engineered Garments in 1999, taking inspiration from sportswear and outerwear.

The brand name originates from when Suzuki commissioned a pattern cutter to draft his first round of patterns. The pattern cutter soon realised that the sheer detail and time required for each garment stretched beyond regular design and could be defined as “engineering” – thus the brand Engineered Garments was born. The current collection aims to give you a long-lasting garment which will hold sentimental value.

Dark Navy/Grey Big Plaid Melton Chester Coat

This beautifully warm Chester coat is a perfect example of Daiki Suzuki’s vision; taking a classic style and re-imagining it to improve appearance and functionality. Equipped with a detachable hood insert and internal pockets, this is a very versatile coat. In beautiful hues of dark navy and grey, men and women alike would find this coat stylish & contemporary, yet very practical. 


Jeans 84K-2YR

Orslow are a Japanese company founded in 2005 by Ichiro Nakatsu, who always had a particular interest in denim. The name Orslow stems from Nakatsu’s vision that clothes should be designed slowly and thoughtfully, with a focus on functionality and longevity.

Workwear influences are obvious throughout Orslow products, providing comfortable and modern garments for both men and women. Iconic classic shapes are given a modern twist, resulting in contemporary silhouettes and fluid garments; elements which are crafting the basis of unisex fashion today.


50s Coverall Jacket 

Vintage brass buttons and white seam stitching are the most prominent design features in this timeless 50s Coverall Jacket. Inspired by American workwear, this multi-purpose denim jacket can be worn as an everyday shirt, or dressed up with smart trousers and shoes for a more formal look. The raglan sleeves are flattering on both sexes, offering a modern twist on a historic classic. This contemporary jacket should become a staple item in every man or woman’s wardrobe. 

CAMO, Engineered Garments & Orslow are all tapping into the idea of creating clothing which is more gender neutral. Organic colours and contemporary silhouettes give scope for men and women to style garments however they like, without being boxed into the traditional Menswear and Womenswear categories.


These brands are all available in the Epitome of Edinburgh store and online.


Engineered Garments FWK


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