The Holiday Edit: 5 Looks for 5 Dream Places

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Posted: 2 years ago

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The Holiday Edit: 5 Looks for 5 Dream Places

Tickets are booked and suitcases are (almost) ready. After months of growing excitement, frequent daydreaming and passionate planning, they're finally here. We're talking about summer holidays. From catching all the sun rays in fascinating exotic places to adventurous journeys on suggestive British roads, here is where the Epitome girls are going to spend their time off this year. Take a look at what they are going to bring with them and get inspired for your next holiday.


1. Nordic City Break: Copenhagen

A fairy tale city in which the medieval charm of ancient castles and glorious Viking past uniquely blends with the hipster and urban cool vibes of a new buzzing generation. With its thriving fashion and art and design scenes, Copenhagen is definitely the new European cultural hub to keep an eye on. Structured lines and androgynous looks are what's needed to leave a mark on this edgy city.

2. Greek Romance: Santorini

Natural treasure of the Mediterranean, Santorini is the glamorous destination for all sea and sun lovers. Elegantly curving around a big lagoon, it offers breathtaking views, never ending fun and maritime elegance. The relaxing walks along its picturesque streets are going to feel superb wearing a simple striped top and a feminine yet understated dungarees dress.

3. Olympic Fun: Rio de Janeiro 

Nothing sounds more tropical than an exotic adventure in the heart of Brazil. Wonderful beaches to party until dawn wearing kaleidoscopic dresses and dance barefoot in the sand. With the Olympics kicking off in less than three weeks, Rio will offer plenty of entertainment for sport fans and more.  

4. On the road: Britain

Reminiscent of Jack Kerouac's American travel accounts, a road trip might store something unexpectedly great and inspiring. Mile after mile, touching old, small villages and unspoiled forests, the possibilities are endless. Denim and cosy sweatshirts are a must when paired up with precious accessories to make any casual outfit special. 

5. Palma de Mallorca

Cosmopolitan and bursting with life and culture, Palma is the perfect place to soak up the Mediterranean sun and discover the secrets of an eclectic culture. From a sun-kissed stroll along Roman ruin to fruity cocktails on a breezy terrazza, the unique prints of a feminine skirt and a basic white T-shirt are the way to go for an unforgettable experience. 

 Words: Vanessa Piras

Photography: Nuala Swan 

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