Epitome x Arusha Gallery with Charlotte Keates

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Posted: 2 years ago

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Epitome x Arusha Gallery with Charlotte Keates

Contemporary artist Charlotte Keates graduated from Falmouth University with a BA First Class Honours in Fine Art. Keates is currently exhibiting in Arusha Gallery - a neighbour of ours on Dundas Street, Edinburgh.  Here, in the bright and spacious gallery space, her work is the perfect backdrop for the relaxed tailoring of brands Barena Venezia, Studio Nicholson, and Sofie D’Hoore.

Her collection, Sojourn, is inspired by 1960s and 70s architecture and interiors. Each eye-catching piece is full of bold colours and juxtaposes mountainous landscapes and sea amongst geometric architecture – a contrast between the aesthetics of natural and man-made landscapes. Keates paintings provided a colourful background to show off the Spring/Summer 2017 collections featuring bursts of blue, yellow, purple, and green.

Barena Venezia

Barena Venezia never disappoints with their relaxed tailoring and classic styles. This season we see a collection of their timeless designs in neutral tones with hints of blue. Seen above is the Coat Mema Cielo, Shirt Tamara Bianco, and Pantalone Afrano Navy with paintings ‘Aerial Tramway’ and ‘Cultural Corridor’. Below is the Coat Monica and Shirt Sandrina Sabbia paired with the Trouser Ofelia Osso, and accessorised with the Crotched Visor from Karakoram. This outfit is seen here with Keates largest piece: ‘Springboard’.

London-based brand Studio Nicholson brings a collection of structured yet elegant pieces for the ultimate modular wardrobe. The brand is inspired by Japanese culture, architecture, and interiors. Arusha Gallery’s mustard coloured walls and Keates paintings full of architecture were the perfect setting for the Vico Shirt Dress Sunset and Bonnard Balloon Pant Ivory below from Studio Nicholson.

To showcase the interchangeable nature of the collection, the Bonnard Balloon Pant Ivory is shown again with the Pino Top Navy, and then with the Niccolo Top Black and the Cencio Jacket Carob below.

Studio Nicholson

Belgian designer Sofie D'Hoore brings collections with an emphasis on volume, precise cuts, and strong lines. Making it the perfect brand to shoot alongside Keates work that is full of linear architecture.

D’Hoore’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection features her trademark oversized dresses, which have become instantly recognisable as the brand. Additionally, this season we see a selection of more structured garments that still maintain the brands understated aesthetic. Seen below is the Sake Pleated Skirt Spruce and Malaga Crew Neck Violet Melange with Keates ‘The Moorings’.

Below is the Bora Frill Blouse Black paired with the Piano Drawstring Pants Black with painting ‘Palmetto Spring’.


Charlotte Keates is definitely one to watch following this almost sell-out collection. Find out more about the artist and Arusha Gallery below. If you live in Edinburgh, or nearby, there’s still time to visit Arusha Gallery and see Sojourn, which is exhibiting until 30th May.




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