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Introducing: Norse Projects

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Posted: 2 years ago

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Introducing: Norse Projects

The arrival of the Spring/Summer season is always filled with the excitement brought by new shapes, bright colours and lighter textures. This year, we are especially thrilled to add a little touch of Scandinavian spirit to or selection with the introduction of Danish designer Norse Projects

Initially conceived as a street and footwear boutique, Norse Projects opened their first store in the intimate streets of Copenhagen in 2002, followed by the launch of their first in-house collection for Menswear in 2009. It is not until 2015 that the now well-established brand expanded their influence to womenswear by launching Norse Projects Woman. A six-year gap that gave the brand time to grow and fully develop a minimalist and functional Scandinavian aesthetic, appealing to the modern woman.

Visibly influenced by Nordic nature and climate, the colour palette is mainly neutral with sudden burst of brighter tones, whether the silhouettes are clean, carefully designed and, at times, slightly androgynous. 

 The collection for Spring/Summer 2016 features modern lines and beautifully made textures along with some basics that perfectly embrace the brand's concept for contemporary simplicity. Dresses and skirts are crafted in relaxed and flattering shapes, embellished by striped artwork or marked by the elegant simplicity of black, and convey and effortlessly chic vibe with a subtly added sporty touch. Oversize seersucker trousers and navy shorts seem to have been stolen from menswear. Denim discretely finds its place in boxy tops and shirt dresses. 


 Norse Projects Women definitely embodies that understated, discerning style that steps away from ostentatious and over-branded designs and focuses on high quality fabrics and functional fashion 'Good for all season'. 

Perfectly in harmony with Epitome's vision of timeless fashion that forgets about fleeting trends and promotes quality and craftsmanship, Norse Projects is here to stay; this is just the exciting start of a long-lasting and blooming partnership. 

Shop the collection at Epitome

Words: Vanessa Piras

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