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  • The Christmas Party Style Edit

    4 months ago Party Style, Christmas
    December is always a very hectic month filled with fun, warmth and  sparkles! From last-minute present shopping, catch-ups with friends before the end of the year, trips home to visit family to the...
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  • Coming soon: AW16 Collections

    8 months ago Style News
    The end of August is always marked by a mix of pre-nostalgia for the long summer days that have already started to shorten (and holidays sadly coming to an end...) and a thrill for the season that...
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  • The Edinburgh Fringe Edit: Our Festival Picks

    8 months ago Edinburgh Life, Style Edit
    The streets are already packed with tourists, maps in hand, trying to find the right venue and make it to the next show on time. Gigantic posters and leaflets are just everywhere. St. Andrews Square and...
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  • The Holiday Edit: 5 Looks for 5 Dream Places

    9 months ago Style Edit, Holiday
    Tickets are booked and suitcases are (almost) ready. After months of growing excitement, frequent daydreaming and passionate planning, they're finally here. We're talking about summer holidays. From catching...
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  • Interview with Ellen Brookes from SIDELINE

    10 months ago Brand Stories
    The understated and versatile designs and beautiful indigo fabrics, trademark of SIDELINE, have only been on our rails for a season, and their unique character and casual vibe have already made a statement....
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  • Introducing: Norse Projects

    11 months ago Brand Stories
    The arrival of the Spring/Summer season is always filled with the excitement brought by new shapes, bright colours and lighter textures. This year, we are especially thrilled to add a little touch of Scandinavian...
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  • Made In Scotland

    1 year ago
    Collaboration   (k-lb-rt) intr.v. col·lab·o·rat·ed, col·lab·o·rat·ing, col·lab·o·rates 1. To work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort.     Edinburgh...
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  • Edinburgh New Town: Our Recommendations

    1 year ago
    Here at Epitome we love being located in the New Town area of Edinburgh. It is an area which boasts stunning architecture filled with art, shopping and eateries. We are going to let you know about some...
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  • Stella Jean

    1 year ago Brand Stories
    A new brand to Epitome and quickly becoming a favourite is Stella Jean. The current Spring/Summer ’15 collection is bursting with colour, print, and elegant shapes. We are extremely excited to be...
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  • Our Story

    2 years ago
    Epitome ɪˈpɪtəmi,ɛ-/ noun 1. a person or thing that is a perfect example of a particular quality or type. "she looked the epitome of elegance and good taste"   In Edinburgh’s Georgian New Town,...
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